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Product Overview

AGS specializes in four main areas of video surveillance system technology; surveillance servers, storage, workstations, and video matrix servers. Using only top-of-the-line Intel and Intel certified components, AGS manufactures rock solid, American made, state-of-the-art equipment that is designed to continuously operate under the rigorous demands of an IP video surveillance system. All AGS systems come with a standard 3 year warranty with advance replacement. Once an AGS system is installed, the integrator can rest assured that it will operate trouble free without the need for truck rolls and service calls.

Servers & Server Heads

AGS servers are available in integrated and distributed designs able to accommodate any configuration that the NVR (Network Video Recorder) application requires. With 30 years of computer engineering experience, AGS designs servers to perform even in the most demanding conditions. Endless hours go into every prototype before becoming an AGS product so you can be certain that an AGS system will operate at peak efficiency today, tomorrow and in the future.

Reliance 1

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Reliance 8

Reliance 8 SRM

Reliance 16

Reliance 24

Reliance 48


AGS storage systems range in capacity from a single terabyte to multiple petabytes. AGS offers server integrated storage and stand-alone storage units that are scalable, fault-tolerant and redundant using enterprise grade storage media that is designed for the continual read/write requirements of video surveillance recording. All of this industry specific engineering allows you to be confident that your recorded video will be there to retrieve whenever you need it. Whether you are installing a new IP video surveillance system or expanding an existing analog or IP system, AGS has the right storage solution for your needs.

Citadel 16

Citadel 24

Citadel 48


AGS workstations are used at guard stations and security rooms to monitor and control video surveillance streams. These robust systems are the perfect compliment to AGS servers and storage allowing distributed viewing and manipulation of your NVR system. All AGS workstations are designed using the same mission critical engineering that goes into our servers. Stability, performance and reliability are all critical to our workstation designs. AGS offers a full line of workstations to fit any situation.

Mirador GC

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Mirador XE

Video Matrix Servers

Data centers and security rooms demand the best servers to control their video wall matrix. With the highest processing power and the ability to support multiple monitors, the AGS video matrix server is the perfect solution to support the most demanding video surveillance systems. NVR applications continue to increase in capabilities and video surveillance cameras continually increase in resolution. The AGS video matrix server is designed to support these constantly evolving technologies. Built to the same high standards of quality and fault tolerance that go into every AGS product, the AGS Video Matrix Server will perform its job flawlessly now and in the future.